Smart San Quat Sanitizer S-3

Smart San Quat Sanitizer S-3

Benzalkonium chloride based sanitizer for removing bacteria from food handling equipment, machines or tubing. Effective against a wide range of bacteria and requires no rinsing after use for prolonged efficacy and simple handling.

Low cost concentrated form.
Requires no rinsing after using.
Ideal for sanitizing irregular or hard to reach places, equipment or tubing.

How to use : Spray or run diluted solution to the surface to be sanitized. Leave as is without rinsing if desired.

Active ingredient : Benzalkonium chloride 6%
Fragrance : Fragrance Free
Color : Magenta
Container / Volume : 4L
Product code :

Units per case :
• 4kg × 3
Others : ※For use in various countries, formula, registration and efficacy may be different. For details, please contact your local sales representative. ※FDA certified non-rinse in the United States and South Korea.
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