Smart San Hand Soap H-1

Smart San Hand Soap H-1

Smart San Hand Soap is made from biodegradable botanical ingredients. Thick foaming and antibacterial for great cleaning and sanitizing effect. Fragrance free formula is ideal for food handling situations because it won't transfer unwanted flavors to foods.

Antibacterial for added safety when not using alcohol hand sanitizer.
Remove grease and dirt while keeping the skin feeling clean and healthy.
No added fragrances so hands won't transfer unwanted flavors to food.
Instant foam type formula for economical use.

How to use : Take a small amount into moist hands, wash all parts of the hands and wrists for 30 seconds and rinse with running water.

Active ingredient : Ispropyl methyphenol
Fragrance : Fragrance Free
Color : Green
Container / Volume : 5 kg
Product code :

Units per case :
• 5kg × 3
Others : ※For use in various countries, formula, registration and efficacy may be different. For details, please contact your local sales representative. ※Meets quasi drug specifications in Japan.
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