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( Healthcare News no.5 December 2011 )

"The real cause of nosocomial infection"

Trends in today's patient care environment have caused two germ categories to signicantly gain ground in the eld of nosocomial infections over the past few decades. These are germs that are resistant to antibiotics and opportunistic germs.

Antibiotics are medications developed to kill or limit the growth of bacteria. Usually, these compounds are developed from naturally produced chemicals in some microorganisms to ght o other bacteria. Since their discovery by Alexander Fleming in 1928, antibiotics have become widely used in healthcare settings in order to ght o bacterial infections in patients. Their overuse has, in hindsight, caused negative consequences in the form of resistance in some bacteria. As the discovery of new antibiotics slowed compared to the progress of bacterial resistance, antibiotics have been used in higher quantities to match stronger bacteria. This phenomenon continues, resulting in even stronger bacteria and the attention of the medical academic community....Download

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Educational Tools

Hand Washing Navigator

Hand Washing Training Kit

The Hand Washing Navigator is a unique concept for hand hygiene education. It guides the user through the proper steps while keeping correct time so a full hand wash can be completed with every activation.

Educate groups or individuals with the Hand Washing Training Kit, which allows you to see the areas of the hands missed when washing or disinfecting. The Hand Washing Training Kit glows under black light. If the trainee has missed any part of the hands while washing or disinfecting, these areas will glow, allowing the trainee to learn how to thoroughly keep the hands clean every time.

Hand Wash Training Lotion

Hand Disinfection Training Lotion

For use with the Hand Washing Training Kit to simulate soiling. Visible only under the Training Kit's black light to help display the effectivness of your own handwashing ability.

Illuminate the areas of the hands not properly rubbed during a normal application of hand disinfectant. Disinfect hands in the usual way after applying the lotion and place under the black light of the Training Kit to show how completely you disinfected your hands.