Smart San Bleach B-1

Smart San Bleach B-1

Sodium hypochlorite based bleach for whitening and sanitizing. We've achieved excellent whitening by adjusting the concentration of free alkali. Food safe formula is ideal for a variety of uses in the food processing industry.

For surface, towel and food sanitation.
Whitens towels and cutting boards.
Removes vegetable and tea stains.

How to use : Dilute 300 times with for sanitizing and bleaching.

Active ingredient : Sodium hypochlorite
Fragrance : Fragrance Free
Color : Clear yellow
Container / Volume : 5L, 3.8L
Product code :

Units per case :
• 5kg × 3
Others : ※For use in various countries, formula, registration and efficacy may be different. For details, please contact your local sales representative. ※Meets quasi drug specifications in Japan.
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