Medical Instrument Reprocessing

Saraya’s Medical Reprocessing formulas are developed to provide healthcare facilities multiple washing and disinfection options under strict adherence to global standards on safety. We provide detergents in neutral and alkaline formulas for manual reprocessing or for use in conjunction with washer disinfectors. In addition, our pre and post-treatments make reprocessing easier and increase the life of your equipment.
Acecide is designed to maintain the highest standards of safety and speed for facilities that require high level disinfection for sensitive equipment such as endoscopes.

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Safe on the environment

Peracetic acid breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid.  Therefore it has little residual toxicity, and it decomposes essentially into water and oxygen after disposal.  Acecide is easy on the environment, leaving no trace when it leaves your facility.

Minimum risk to staff and patients

Many of the most common high-level disinfectants contain an aldehyde group,
which have been recognized as a mutagenic substance that can cause sensitization
in humans.Acecide contains peracetic acid as its active ingredient, which contains no aldehyde group,making it safe on staff and patients.


Wide range of antimicrobial efficacy

Reusable medical instruments must be subjected to accurate and thorough disinfection or sterilization before safely using again.  Acecide is strong enough to eliminate general bacteria, acid-fast bacteria, and viruses in minutes from the most sensitive equipment such as endoscopes