Smart San Neutral Detergent Conc. N-2

Smart San Neutral Detergent Conc. N-2

5x concentrated neutral detergent for economical and stock reducing use. For cleaning dishes, utensils and surfaces with stubborn grease and encrusted dirt. Same great features as Smart San N-1 in a concentrated formula.

5x concentrate for cost saving usage.
Thick foaming and powerful grease cutting for many kitchen applications.
Use with concentrated surfactant strength or dilute to normal detergent consistency.

How to use : Use as is with a sponge for direct cleaning utensils and dishes or dilute for soak washing. Use an automatic proportioner to dilute.

Active ingredient : Surfactant :60%
Fragrance : Fragrance Free
Color : Clear yellow
Container / Volume : 5L
Product code :

Units per case :
• 5kg × 3
Others : ※For use in various countries, formula, registration and efficacy may be different. For details, please contact your local sales representative. ※Meets quasi drug specifications in Japan.
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